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Hans Dockendorff GmbH
Radiation Protection Doors/ Shielding Doors/ Neutron Doors

Since 1987, we have been a well-known and reputable manufacturer of radiation protection doors/ shielding doors/ neutron doors. We offer everything related to shielding doors and similar products. All of our products are made in Germany.


Each new construction or reconstruction is individually planned according to our custumer‘s needs. In close cooperation with our customers, we deliver the premium and most cost efficient result.


Our internal professionals assemble the shielding doors on-site. Thanks to our decades-long experience, we are able to master even the most complex mounting conditions.

Customer Service

We are available for questions or to assist with problems at any time. Besides our loyal customer service, we also include the annual inspection of the radiation protection doors as required by German and European law.


Individual planning according to our customers‘ requirements


Assembly and commissioning


Required annual maintenance

Costumer Service

Prompt customer service

For more than 25 years we offer our customers at home and abroad everything related to radiation protection doors as well as similar products - starting from the planning process to the assembly and the regular maintenance. Given our long-term experience with building more than 400 radiation protection doors, our expert customer service as well as our reliability, we can refer to a growing and satisfied customer basenationally and internationally.

If you would like to learn more about us and our products, feel free to contact us.